Customized Data for Targeted Legal Marketing

"Case Search leads account for about 40% of our business. I don't know how we ever got along without!"
- Valued Customer

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Searching for current criminal offense data to generate leads for your practice? Using your state database can be a limiting experience, with slow pages, tedious searches, and no options for customization. Case Search provides a smart solution for lead generation that saves time and zeros in on your target audience.

This exclusive, subscription-based service lets you compose targeted searches based on criteria like age, location, gender, or race. Each search can then be further refined allowing the message to reach your preferred demographics, increasing their response, and ultimately bring you more business. This fast, customized, and seamless approach to case searching helps you reach more people to bring in more business.

Customizable Searches

Find the leads you're looking for by specifying charge information, court location, or choose from many other demographics available

Save Time

Don't spend all day searching or hire a team of interns to pull your results together, get what you need quickly and easily

Increased Results

We go back weeks to make sure we're pulling all new records no matter what day they were entered to make sure you're not missing anything

Package Benefits

  • Search Quicker - Our systems are less loaded than state systems so your results get returned quicker
  • Full Results - You don't have to go searching through the alphabet or each locality at a time, we provide a full list of results added daily in just one search
  • Demographic Filters - Run searches by address, charge description, law broken, type of crime, arresting officer, or nearly any other demographic that your state records
  • Backdated Records - We go back weeks to make sure we have all the records recorded as their entered and as soon as we have them they'll show up in your results
  • Client Tracking - Record when your leads hire you and see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and improve your response rates
  • Repeat Customers - Get notified when a previous client has been charged again and reach out to them first

With smaller states averaging over 45,000 traffic violoations, 30,000 criminal cases, or 35,000 civil cases filed every month there are a lot of potential customers waiting to hear from you!

Managed Searching

Don't spend all day running searches, organizing, and categorizing results.
Get daily results sent to your inbox

Delivery Advangage

Have your mailings sent daily so your messages arrive first without worrying about printing, envelopes, or postage

Improved Responses

Work with experienced marketing perofessionals to get your messages tailored to your target customers

Service Benefits 

  • Priority Delivery - Our postal service will get your letters out every day to make sure you're one of the first to be delivered
  • Managed Search - Have results in your inbox every morning letting you spend your time where it counts, on your clients
  • Pro Team - Have professionals on your team to help you tailor your message, develop campaigns, or answer any questions you have
  • Timely Review - Wether it's yearly, quarterly, or any other schedule we will recommend updates to help you stay up-to-date
  • Account Rep - We'll assign a dedicated person to your account so you always have someone familiar with your business
  • Worry Free - Trust in us to know we will handle your campaigns as if they were our own

Speak to a Person

When you call us we answer so you can get your problem solved quickly or your questions answered promptly so you can get on with your day

Support Tickets

We track all of your requests to provide you with answers and notify you when we're working on your case until it's resolved to your satisfaction

Feature Requests

If you need a feature, have a problem, or need a more efficient way to do a task we would like to include it, we're here to make your life easier

Customer Service & Support

Nobody Raves about Average -Bill Quiseng

We don't aim to be average. We try to minimize issues, strive for zero downtime, and provide you with what you need to be successful.  However, when issues do arise we own our mistakes, acknowledge the issues, and strive resolve them as quickly as possible. Once your back up and running we will review the resolution and take steps to prevent the issue from happening again in the future. We also love feedback, let us know when we're doing something right or wrong, if we need to extend our application to include a feature that will save you time, and let your friends know becuase we pay for referrals in cash.